VCE Maths Methods Exam Solutions

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Exam Solution Topics & Sub Topics

Domain and Range
Composite functions, Domain & Range, Finding the rule of a function, Inverse functions, Quadratics, Sketching Graphs, Solving for pronumeral, True or false.

Linear Relations
Domain and Range, Co-ordinate Geometry, Matrices, Finding the Value of Pronumerals.

Families of Functions
Addition of Ordinates, Asymptotes, Composite functions, Domain and Range, Finding Co-ordinates, find the Value of Pronumerals, Inverse functions, Sketching Graphs, Transformations.

Factor Theorem, Remainder Theorem, Finding Coefficients, finding Factors, Finding Pronumerals, Finding the Rule of a function, Inverse functions, Solving Equations.

Logs & Exponentials
Composite functions, Domain & Range, Finding Pronumerals, finding the Rule, Graphs, Inverse functions, Points of Intersection, Simplifying Expressions, Solving Equations, Transformations, True or False.

Circular Functions
Domain & Range, Find the Rule of a function, find Amplitude, Period & Range, Finding the Value of Pronumerals, finding Maximum and Minimum Values, Sketching Graphs, Solving Equations, Transformations.

Differentiation Basics
the Chain Rule, Gradients, Graphs, the Product Rule, the Quotient Rule, Rates of Change, Solving Equations, True or False.

Applications of Differentiation
Equations of Curves, Exponentials, find Pronumerals, Gradients, Graphs, Inverse Functions, Linear Approximations, Logarithms, Maximum and Minimum problems, Rates of Change, Related Rates, Stationary Points, True or False.

Alternative Form, Area between a Graph and the X-axis, Area between 2 Graphs, Area using Rectangles, Average Value of a Function, Find f(x) from f'(x), find an Antiderivative, find Expression from Graph, find Value of Expression, find the Point of Intersection, find Pronumerals.


Discrete Probability Distributions
Conditional Probability, Expected Value, find Probability, find Pronumerals, find Variance, Graphs, Independant Probability, Median, Mutually Exclusive, Probability from Tables, Rules of Probability, True or False.

Markov Chains

Binomial Distribution
Conditional Probability, Expected Value, Find n and/or p, find Probability, find Standard Deviation, find Variance, Graphs.

Probability Density Functions
Conditional, find Expected Value, find Median, find Prob, find Pronumeral, find Value of Expression.

The Normal Distribution
Find alternative Form of Probability, find Pronumerals, find Standard Deviation.

Sampling Distributions
Find Probability of Sample Proportion, find Sample Proportion.

Combined Topics

Extended Response
See individual year’s exam for the topics and sub topics within the extended response questions.