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Michael Wion

Hi I’m Michael Wion and I tutor Maths Methods students. I’ve helped many Methods students improve their understanding and results and I’ll do the same for you.

I’ll make Maths Methods easy for you to understand and I’ll answer the questions that you’re not getting help with at school and I’ll also show you exactly what you need to do to achieve the results you want in Maths.

Are Any Of These Things Happening?

  • Most of the time you’re taking notes in class and not shown how to solve enough problems to understand how to do them on your own.
  • You don’t really understand the way your teacher explains the problems.
  • Your teacher goes too fast for you to fully understand the concepts and all of the steps in the problems that you’re shown in class.
  • Your teacher only goes through some of the easy questions in each exercise in each lesson but not any of the harder ones and you’re always getting stuck on the harder questions.
  • You feel like you understand most of the set work when you do it but you’re still not getting the kind of marks that you want in your tests and SAC’s.
  • You’re falling behind and you’re worried about failing Methods.

Most of the students who come to me for tutoring in Maths Methods have one or more of the above things happening to them.

In their first lesson with me things start to change for the better.

This Is How I’ll Help You In Your First Lesson

I’ll start by helping you understand how to do the questions you need help with. I’ll show you how to solve them and I’ll answer any other questions you have about what I’ve explained to you.

I’ll also check your bookwork to see if the way you’re setting out your work is helping you or making it harder for you to do Methods – and also if you’re doing enough steps.

If you like the way I explain the Maths then by the end of the lesson you’ll understand the underlying concepts and how to solve the problems you’ve been stuck on. You’ll also have a good idea if tutoring with me will work for you and I will too.

For lessons after that I’ll be doing the same thing – helping you understand how to solve the questions you’ve been stuck on since your last lesson.

And giving you advice about things I can see in the way you do your Maths that will need to be changed if you want to further improve your understanding and results. If you do the things I suggest your results will improve.

Small Group lessons

If you’re really struggling you may need a few private lessons to get started. Depending on how easy you find the Maths to do you may benefit more from being in a group lesson.

Most students tend to do better in groups. They like to work through questions on their own and get help from me when they need it. By getting through some questions on their own they feel more confident about doing more of them on their own at home.

You’ll also learn from the questions that other students ask in a group lesson.

Private lessons

Private lessons are best for students who find Methods relatively easy but need help with the harder problems they’ve been stuck on since their last lesson.

They are generally ‘A’ or ‘B’ grade students who don’t need to work on similar questions in the tutoring lesson because they have the skills and understanding to get through similar problems on their own at home.

Students who don’t find Methods as easy as these higher grade students tend to rely on their private lesson each week and will actually benefit more from being in a group lesson.

Is there a set format for group lessons?

There’s no set format for group lessons. I’ve asked my group students if they would prefer to have a set format for each lesson and they’ve all said that they would rather work individually on what they need to.

Mainly because they might already understand the concepts that would be covered in a set format lesson. And because they are all at a different point of learning and understanding.

And also because they need to have their specific questions answered.

What Will Happen When You Have Tutoring With Me

  • You’re going to understand the Maths – the things you haven’t been able to understand will make sense to you because I’ll explain them in a way that you really understand.
  • You’ll be able to get through more problems each week as your understanding and confidence improves.
  • You’ll learn key things that will make Maths Methods easier to learn and understand that your teacher may not be telling you.
  • You’ll become more confident about having a go at harder problems as your understanding of each topic improves.

Your results will improve if you put into practice all the things I suggest. There are specific things you need to do to do well at Maths Methods – the more of them you do the better your results will be.

I can’t guarantee that your results will improve – that part depends on how much homework you do. The only thing I can guarantee is that you will understand Maths Methods a lot better because I’ll always explain it to you in a way that you will understand.

Getting Started With Tutoring

To find out more or make an appointment contact me on
0410 577 469

If you’re interested in having Skype tutoring then call me on the number just above.