Online Maths Tutoring Via Skype

Save Time with Maths Methods Tutoring Via Skype

Hi my name is Michael and I’m currently tutoring my students via Skype. It’s a great way of tutoring them when they can’t get to their normal one on one lesson.

They like it because of the convenience of using technology and also because it only takes up an hour of their time. Which means they’ve got more time to do the rest of their homework.

Their parents like it as well because the lessons are less expensive over the internet and they save time and the cost of travelling to tutoring.

Are Any Of These Things Happening

  1. Your teacher’s going too fast for you to fully take in the information so you’re not really understanding the concepts.
  2. You’re not getting help with the harder questions in each exercise and these are the ones that you’re struggling with at home.
  3. You’re getting frustrated as the Maths gets harder from lesson to lesson.

And you’re not getting through your homework…so when you go to your next Maths lesson you still don’t understand what you did in the last one….and you’re slowly falling behind lesson by lesson…and now you’re stressing because you know that if it keeps going like this you’re going to fail Maths.

This Is What You’ll Learn From My Tutoring

In your first lesson, the Assessment lesson, the first thing I’m going to do is find out exactly what you’re finding difficult with Math Methods. Then I’ll start addressing those issues by giving you specific suggestions as to what you need to do.

I’ll also check your bookwork to see if the way you’re setting out your work is helping you or making it harder for you to learn and understand Math Methods.

Then I’ll start helping you with the questions and problems you need immediate help with. Even if they’re from topics you did earlier in the year. And they’ll be explained in a way that you will understand. If you still have any further questions about these problems, I’ll answer them too.

In subsequent lessons I’ll be doing the same thing – helping you with the specific questions and problems you’re getting stuck on. And I’ll suggest key things that you need to be doing so that you’ll be prepared by the time they get to your final exams.

Maths Tutoring Via Skype Will Work For You If:

  1. You’re highly motivated to do well in your exams.
  2. You’re willing to make changes to the way they’re approaching your work if what they’re doing isn’t working.
  3. You can take in a lot of information in a single Skype lesson without having to practice similar questions during the lesson and then go through the questions again on your own later on.
  4. You put the time into doing the homework I suggest.

How To Get Started With Maths Tutoring Via Skype

Either email me at tutoringATthe-mathematics-workshopDOTcom (I’ve written it like this to foil the spam bots) or go to the Skype booking page and choose a time for your first lesson.

Lesson Fee

Single lessons – $85 per one hour lesson or $75 per lesson for 2 lessons paid in advance
Small groups $55 – max 4 students

Read What Others Have To Say…

The following testimonials came from VCE Maths Methods students and parents of VCE Maths Methods students who attended TMW for tuition.
(Some have been edited for spelling and names changed to initials for privacy.)

Dear Michael, I have just read Andrew’s report and again he has received outstanding results in Maths and other subjects. You have helped him so much in this area and Alan and I would like to thank you for the help you have given Andrew and the excellent tutoring he receives from you which enables him to perform so well at school and achieve these results and comments. Thank you again. – Nadia and Alan, Mt.Eliza Vic

Thanks Michael for tutoring Marc in Yr 12 Methods and Specialist. He scored an ENTER of 86.25 with both Maths being his top scores. He was able to get into his first choice of Bachelor of Business Banking and Finance at Monash Caulfield. – Thanking you. Janey. W, Langwarrin Vic

Dear Michael, just a short note to say ‘Thank you” for all your efforts to date with Shallon. She is much happier with herself and with her Maths so something is obviously helping. (I’d put that something down largely to yourself! I’ve enclosed a copy of her Maths results. My impression is that her general comprehension has improved markedly and her stress levels have definitely reduced in regards to Maths! Again I’d like to express my appreciation. – Julie. B. Mt.Eliza Vic

Michael, thank you for being my tutor for 6 years. When I first came to you my basics were bad and with a poor foundation everything else was rocky. I had a poor mastery of the multiplication tables and my knowledge of fractions was non-existent. However with your help, insight and skill you were able to find the root of my problems and help me to overcome them. This I believe is the hallmark of a good teacher. They do not simply show you how to do it but help you gain the understanding you need to do it yourself, this is what I really achieved under your tutelage, a true understanding of Mathematics. If I look back over the years I can see a steady climb. From not being able to grasp Maths to being the top student in my class and this culminated with the winning of the Maths Methods prize at my school Mentone Grammar (2003). My parting thought is that my years with you have been more than worth it and the wealth of knowledge I have received will last me my whole life. Thank you Michael. – Adrio J.L. Seaford Vic

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