Is your child doing enough Maths homework at home on their own?

Maths Homework

Your child will find out whether they can do the Maths or not, when they do homework on their own at home.

Maths homework at home – is your child doing any? If not… then that might be the reason why they’re not getting better marks in Maths.

Why aren’t students doing enough Maths homework at home? Why are some students not doing any homework?

Finishing Maths Homework In Class

From what some of my students tell me…it seems that their Maths teacher sets some questions in an exercise for the class to do…then tells the class that what they don’t finish in class they have to finish at home.

So what do you think happens? They rush through it as quickly as they can in class so they don’t have to do it at home. They work with their friends to get through the questions. More often than not they don’t correct their work.

Not Enough Questions For Maths Homework At Home

The other thing that helps them get the work done so quickly is that they haven’t been given many questions to do. This is not an effective way of learning Maths or preparing students for advancing further at school.

If your child is telling you that they don’t have homework then this might be what is happening with them too.

Doing Maths homework at home will build your child’s Confidence

The problem with getting all the work done in class is that your child isn’t practicing it on their own. They need to be thinking their way through each problem and doing their best to figure them out – without the help of their friends at school!

Doing questions on their own:

  • Is the only way they’re going to know whether they can do them or not.
  • Will give them confidence – especially when they get them correct! Confidence builds a willingness to have a go at harder questions.

The Challenge Of Harder Questions

Students need to be challenged with some harder questions. Why?

  • Because doing harder questions will help them develop their thinking skills.
  • They’ll also help them improve their understanding of the underlying concepts and the step by step method of solving each question.

They need to be doing more of the questions from each exercise if not all of them. What’s happened to “try the harder questions and see how you go” instead of only setting the easier questions to do.

For My Students Who Are In This Situation

I set them extra Maths questions to be done by their next tutoring lesson. Most of these are the harder questions that their teacher doesn’t set the class for homework.

In doing so it gives my students the extra work they need to have for any chance of doing harder Maths in their senior years at school. It takes their understanding to a higher level and gives them some of those building blocks for advanced Maths.

Most of them enjoy it and it shows in their results.