How To Remember Maths – without having to review it endlessly!

How To Remember Maths

How To Remember Maths – without having to review it endlessly!”

Helen, the mother of one of my year 10 students asked me the other evening during her son’s lesson “Should Tyler be studying Maths every night reviewing what he has already learnt?” My answer to that was “not necessarily”.

I don’t think constantly reviewing completed work is necessarily a good idea. If your child needs to review the work they’ve done every day of the week, that may be a sign that they haven’t really understood it the first time they did it.

If your child does understand what they’ve done, then they won’t need to keep studying Maths every night and reviewing it so they remember it.

Helen mistakenly thought that Tyler needed to constantly review Maths so he wouldn’t forget it. If that’s happening to your child, then what do they have to do, to remember their more work more easily, and without studying Maths every day?

How to remember Maths work without studying Maths every day

The real secret to doing Maths and remembering it more easily, is by doing it thoroughly in the first place. Your child needs to do these things for this to happen:

  • Understand the Maths in the first place – if they don’t then they need to get help from family, friends or their teacher.
  • Show their working out so they can review it when it’s time to study for the test.
  • Do neat and tidy steps so they’re easy to follow.
  • Correct their work.
  • Ask for help if they get any incorrect answers and don’t know how to do them.

The other thing that will make it easier for them to remember Maths is doing homework on a regular basis and doing enough homework so they develop the skills within it.

Remembering how to do the Maths they’ve done will require effort and some discipline. If your child puts in the effort and follows the steps outlined above they can improve their understanding and remember.