How To Get Better At Maths

How To Get Better At Maths

How To Get Better At Maths

To get better at Maths tests you need to improve on what you’re already doing when you study for them.

Before The Test

To start with… a good way of practicing the Maths for the test is to:

  • Do the questions in each exercise on the day that you get them from your teacher – that way it’s fresh in your mind how to do the questions.
  • Make sure you do some of the exercise at home – this way you’re working on your own to do them and you’ll find out if you can do them.
  • Make sure you correct each question as you do them – that way you’ll be able to see if you’re doing them the right way.
  • Get help with the ones you don’t know how to do – ask your teacher or someone else who can help

If you do these things for your normal classwork…then you’re already preparing for the study time before the test – you’re doing a thorough job of learning how to do each question and then when it’s study time…you’re just revising what you’ve already done and understood – it’s just a memory jog.

A Few Days Before The Maths Test

  • Start practicing different types of questions in each exercise at least 3 days before the test – this repetition helps you remember how to do those types of questions more easily – going over them once is not quite enough if you really want to get better marks.
  • Make sure you write out the steps in the questions you practice – doing this helps you to remember how to do the steps – then you’ll remember them a lot more easily in the test.
  • Try to remember the steps for each question without looking at the exercises you’ve already done – if you can’t remember them…look at the exercises where you’ve already done them.
  • Make sure you practice harder questions…even the ones you got stuck on when you did the exercises the first time – that way you know how to do the harder ones.
  • Don’t do too much practicing the night before the test – if you’ve been practicing the questions for a few days…then hopefully you’ve practiced enough.

    Better Marks In Maths Tests?

    Well done on the marks you got!

    If you didn’t improve your marks in this test then see if you can work out why.

    Re-do any questions that you didn’t get right in the test – this way you’ll learn how to do them and that will help you to learn and understand how to do harder Maths questions.

    You also need to see where you made any silly mistakes and work on eliminating them.

    Practice Questions Rather Than Reading Notes

    Reading notes instead of practicing can be a sign that you’re not really confident with the types of questions you’re being tested on. If that is you then get some help with the questions well before the test so you can understand them…then practice them.

    There really is only one way of getting better results in Maths tests you do. And that is to practice the questions that will be in the test. Easy questions and harder questions.

    If you practice what you’ve learnt in the topic…enough times so that you can easily remember how to do it…as well as getting it correct…then that is good preparation.

    Anyone can get better at Maths if they do this kind of preparation…and so can you.