How to get an A in Maths – even if you don’t think you can!

How to get an A in Maths

How to get an A in Maths – even if you don’t think you can!

If you really want to get an A in Maths, then it’s possible but you’ll need to do a few things to make it happen. And you’ll have to do homework on your own at home.

This is one of the most important things you need to do.

Why You Need To Do Homework At Home On Your Own

You need to do some Maths at home by yourself so you’ll know if you can do it without anyone’s help. Doing Maths with your friends in class doesn’t give you the chance to practice doing it by yourself without any help.

You have to do questions on your own in a Maths test without any help so why not practice doing that by doing homework on your own at home?

Doing homework on your own at home will give you that extra practice working by yourself, and will also force you to figure out how to do each question without any help from your friends at school.
Then you’ll find out if you can really do them or not.

Always Get Help When You Get Stuck

If your Mum or Dad can’t help you and you can’t find any answers online or from your friends on Facebook or by phone then make sure you get help with them the next day at school if possible.

Getting help with the questions you were stuck on as soon as possible is really important because by understanding them you’ll be ready to move onto the next set of homework questions.

You only have a certain amount of time to study everything before the test so getting help earlier with those questions means you have more time to really understand them a lot better.

When you don’t get help with questions for a few days or more it’s so much harder to go back and get help as well as keeping up with what you’re doing in class and starting to prepare for the test.
So get help as soon as you can if you really want to get an ‘A’ in your Maths test.

Do Some Maths Homework Every Night During The Week

If you really want an ‘A’ in Maths then you’re going to have to practice the questions that are going to be on the test until you know how to do them.

Practicing some Maths at home on your own from Monday to Friday will keep you in touch with the topic you’re doing and you’ll get so much better at it.

Start Preparing One Week Before Test

If you start studying one week before the test then this will give you plenty of time to ask for help with questions you still don’t understand.

Study by practicing some of the questions from each exercise that you did – especially the some of the harder questions and even the ones you got stuck on.
You’ll have to make extra time for this study if you really want to get an ‘A’ in your Maths test.
When you’re having a go at questions see if you can do them without looking at your previous work – then if you get stuck have a look and see how you did them.
Put in a minimum of 30 minutes a day on each weekday to practice the questions from each exercise. Make sure you put in enough time so that you’ll get through all of the questions that are going to be on the test.
If you’ve prepared well then you shouldn’t really need to do a lot of study the night before the test. I never really did much study the night before tests when I was at school because I had spent most of the week before studying.

Relax And Focus On How To Do Each Question

In the test don’t worry about failing. Just relax and focus on how to do each question and do the best that you can.

After The Test

When you get your test back do your best to work out where you made mistakes. I recommend that you actually do any questions you got wrong again.
Try them on your own to make sure you know how to do them. Even if your teacher goes through it on the board then still make sure you have a go at them later on by yourself – to make sure you can do them.

What To Do If You Didn’t Get An A In Your Test

If you didn’t get an ‘A’ in your Maths test then see if you can figure out what you did wrong or where you can improve
Did you do enough homework on your own at home? Did you ask for help with ALL of the questions you got stuck on? Did you start studying one week before the test?

Do All This Again With The Next Topic

If you didn’t get an ‘A’ this time then don’t give up. Keep improving on the things you need to get better at.
The main things you need to focus on are doing the homework, getting help when you’re stuck and preparing early for each test.
If you keep practicing these things you’ll improve at Maths. Good skills in your next test – I hope you get an ‘A’ !