How to do Well in Exams

How to do Well in Exams

How to do Well in Exams

One of the best techniques when you’re doing VCE Maths Methods exams (the actual end of year exams) is to look for the questions that you can do first of all.

Then make sure you get those done before attempting the harder ones that require more thinking power and time.

When I was doing my year 12 exams and uni exams, that was the technique that I always used. Looking for the questions that I could do and then having a go at the ones that were more difficult.

I never decided to do the difficult questions based on how many marks they were worth. I always did my best to solve each question based on what I knew about that particular topic in the question, rather than how many marks it was worth.

Focusing on the marks allotted to questions is spending energy on something that doesn’t get you any marks. It tends to use up time and energy that could be spent on trying to solve the questions that you haven’t finished.

When you focus on whether to do a question, you need to see if you can do the question, not look at how many marks you’re going to get if you get all the parts of it correct.

Focusing on the ‘how to’ rather than the ‘how many marks is it worth’ is going to get you the marks. You need to focus on doing the questions you know you can do rather than the questions with the most marks.