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Back to Basics Essentials

Most students who have a history of struggling with Maths, have gaps in their understanding of the basics. Without these foundations they don’t have the stepping stones needed to make any significant progress and even basic Maths is a struggle for them..

Foundations are the Key

I’ve helped many students get back on track at school, and I’ll help your child do the same.

I’m going to help them learn and understand the basic Maths skills they don’t understand so they can build on them and start getting better results at school.

Are Any Of These Things Happening?

They don’t really understand their teacher and they get frustrated at home because they keep getting stuck on their homework?

They’re struggling with what seems to be very basic Maths and you’ve done your best to help them but they don’t understand the way you explain it…and you’re both getting frustrated?

They’ve done Ok in Maths up to this point but they’re struggling with it now that it’s getting harder…and they’re starting to fall behind?

They’re not getting through their homework so when they go to their next Maths lesson they still don’t understand what they did in the last one.

And they end up feeling like they’re no good because they can’t do Maths.

This Is How I’ll Help Your Child:

The main thing I’ll do for your child is make Maths EASY for them to understand. I’ll explain whatever they don’t understand in a way that they WILL.

This will start in their first lesson, the Assessment lesson. Your child will do a basic skills test to find out if there are any areas of basic Maths that they don’t understand.

While they’re doing the test I’ll check their bookwork to see if the way they’re setting out their work is helping them or making it harder for them to learn and understand Maths.

Once they’ve finished the test I’ll help them get started on the most fundamental areas that they need help with.

I’ll explain the concepts your child doesn’t understand in very simple terms so they get them. And they’ll start working on an exercise to practice what they’ve learnt.

They’ll also be given some homework to do based on one area of the basics they learnt in the lesson.

What Your Child Will Learn In Ongoing Lessons

In ongoing lessons your child will be learning and developing their basic skills by working through their individual Back to Basics program. They’ll also be getting help with any school work that they don’t understand.

As they learn and understand these basic skills they’ll start to feel better about Maths. They’ll be having small successes as they work through the basics which will slowly but surely build their confidence.

They’ll also find that they’ll be able to get through MORE of their school Maths because the basics they’re learning will be building the foundations of what they’re being taught at school.

Private or Group lessons?

After the assessment lesson I’ll have a good idea of what type of lesson would best suit your child needs. If they’re really struggling they may need a couple of private lessons to build up some confidence. But at some point they’ll benefit more from being in a group lesson. Why is this so?

Because your child will develop confidence by asking questions in front of the other students in the group. They’ll also develop confidence by having a go at the problems on their own. If they can get through them on their own, then they’ll feel more confident about doing similar problems at home on their own.

Your child will also learn from the questions that other students ask in a group lesson. And I’ve found that most students like helping each other when I’m busy helping another student.

Is there a set format for group lessons?

No, there isn’t a set format for group lessons. I don’t teach the students in each group as a group. Each student works on their own learning program or schoolwork and that will be the same for your child if they join a group lesson.

And they might already understand the concepts that would be covered in a set format lesson. And each student is at a different point of learning and understanding.

Each student needs to have their questions answered…..and so does your child…and this is what will happen if they join one of our group lessons.

How To Get Started With Tutoring At The Mathematics Workshop

The first step is to bring your child in for a private assessment lesson. By the end of this lesson they’ll have learnt some basic skills and they’ll have a better understanding of the underlying concepts.

After I’ve answered any questions you might still have, you’ll both be able to make a decision about ongoing tuition.

My tutoring will work for your child if they like the way I teach. And also if they are motivated and want to do better in Maths.

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