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You Don’t Have To Be A Maths Genius To Get Better Marks In Your Exams

Hi, my name is Michael and you’re about to learn how to do Math Methods Math Methods Tutorin a way you’ll understand so you can make faster progress and get better results in your SAC’s and final exams.

I’m going to make all the things you don’t understand in Math Methods easy to understand and I’m going to help you get the results you want in your SAC’s and exams.

What do you find the most difficult about Math Methods?

  • Notation? Understanding what symbols (notation) mean is a critical part of the foundation skills you’ll need to use in most of the topics.
  • Particular topics? The Calculus and Probability topics are quite challenging for many students.
  • The first few topics? Even these early topics can cause grief especially if you didn’t do well in Year 11 Math Methods.
  • Using formulas correctly and remembering them? Another really important skill that will slow you down if you struggle in this area.

Or something else…

What you’ll get from my tutoring

  • The main thing you’ll get from my tutoring is a better understanding of how to solve the questions you’re stuck on and a better understanding of the concepts within each question.
  • I make methods easy to understand by explaining it in a way that you’ll understand – if you don’t understand the first way I explain something then I’ll try different ways of explaining it until you do understand it.
  • I’ll give you in-depth explanations so you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of the questions you need help with. You can ask as many questions as you need, to make sure you truly understand the concepts in each question and how to solve each question.
  • As you get through more Math Methods questions/problems in each tutoring lesson and at home you’ll be building a repertoire of questions that you know how to solve.
  • Your understanding of Math Methods concepts and your problem solving skills will improve lesson by lesson.
  • You’ll start making faster progress and be able to get through more of the homework questions.
  • You’ll also find that over time you’ll feel more confident when trying harder questions.
  • At some point your results will start improving and you’ll feel more confident about attempting harder textbook questions and past exam questions.

I don’t make any promises about the results you want – but as long as you do enough textbook questions and past exam questions and as long you don’t have brain freezes in SAC’s and final exams then it’s possible for you to do well in them and get the results you want.

Private & Small Group Lessons

I offer private and small group lessons (max 4 students). In private lessons you’ll be on your own and I’ll be helping you with the questions you’re stuck on.

In a group lesson you’ll be working through any homework you haven’t finished and I’ll help you when you get stuck. I don’t teach the group as a whole because most students are at different points in their set work. If everyone in the group were in the same class at school then there might be occasions when I would ask the group if they want to listen in to a particular question someone needed help with.


You’ll get the best results from tutoring if you make sure you keep up with your set class work. This means doing homework when you can. In spares or at home. I know that sometimes it’s not possible because of SAC’s and other commitments. However a way around this is to make a start on the homework you get in each lesson, and do your best to get it done later in the week.

I’ll give you extra homework if your teacher isn’t giving you enough. I’ll also give you study tips & advice and mentoring and support when needed and especially if you don’t have good organisational skills.

I’ve tutored students from these schools

Haileybury College – Toorak College – The Peninsula School – Padua College – John Paul College – Woodleigh – Balcombe Grammar – Melbourne High School – Mentone Boys & Girls Grammar – Lilydale High School – Frankston High School – McClelland College – St.Peters in Cranbourne – Frankston Tafe – Kilbreda College – Dromana Secondary College – Elizabeth Murdoch College – Patterson River Secondary College – Carrum Downs Secondary College – Bayside Christian College – St.Leonards.

All of my Math Methods students gained confidence with Methods and improved their understanding and results. Most of them completely turned their results around and got into the course/Uni they wanted to. Others had a gap year the following year. Some went into trades because there were no jobs in Australia for the course they wanted to do.

Your First Lesson

I offer a 30 minute free lesson via Skype or Zoom to see if we’re a match. In this lesson I’ll help you with any questions you’re stuck on. From there you can decide if you’d like to continue with private or group lessons on an ongoing basis.

To book a 30 min lesson

Use the scheduler below or contact me on 0410577469