How To Do HOMEWORK More Effectively by using “the 55”

What is the 55? It’s simple tool that can help you get Maths homework done more effectively…especially if you’re not looking forward to doing it or you’re procrastinating about doing it.

It makes getting homework started much easier. It also makes it easier to get more done within a fixed block of time.

Kudos to Eben Pagan and Jeff Walker (2 fantastic online Marketers and mentors) for putting the 55 out there. I have been using the 55 for a few years now and have taught it to some of my students.

How to Get Maths Homework Done Using the 55

The 55 is setting a fixed length of time to get a task done…and is really good for when you have homework to do and you’re not looking forward to doing it or you’re procrastinating about doing it.

This is how you do it:

  • Set your phone or ipad/ipod timer for 55 min.
  • Turn off all distractions – no facebook, instagram or snapchat or any social media.
  • No phone calls incoming or outgoing unless they’re emergency calls
  • Get a drink if needed before you start your 55min session

When the timer goes off…
Then have a 15 min break before the next session – this is a chance to refresh and relax your tired brain 🙂
* Play gentle music if needed – optional…I don’t use it as I find it distracting.

What You’ll Get from Doing the 55

You’ll be locked in to do the work with no distractions – this will make it easier to focus on the task at hand…and there’s going to be a definite end to the homework session when the timer goes off…something to look forward to…a well deserved break 🙂

You may find that you’re still in the middle of doing the task when the timer goes off – at this point if you’re on a roll then keep going and finish it off if you’ve only got a little bit to do. Or you can just stop… have a 15min break and then come back and set the timer for another 55min session.

Over time you’ll find that you’re more productive… and you’ll get more work done in a couple of sessions than you did by not using the timer.

If you use the 55… you’ll be developing a positive and productive habit that will make a difference to your homework output and your ability to focus on tasks more effectively.

Eliminate Procrastination

It will help you to get rid of procrastination. If I’m not sure how I’m going to do a certain thing on my computer and procrastinating about it I just turn on my timer and get focused on the task.

Being locked in for a fixed period of time makes it easier to get started and get it done. Alternatively not using a timer can make it feel like there’s no end to how long you’re going to do homework for.The timer helps you to get the task done bit by bit… in manageable chunks.

Over time you may be so accustomed to doing the 55min that you’ll know when the timer is about to go off.

Try it and see if it makes any difference to your homework efforts and results. Leave a comment and let me know if it has helped in anyway.

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