Here’s some articles that I’ve put together that can help you with your studying, doing homework and preparing for tests, SAC’s and exams.

VCAA Past Exams

Looking for vcaa past exams? Get past exams relating to the current study design and Exams relating to previous study designs.

The key is not to wait until the day before. After every class, or at least once a week, you should read over your lesson notes and make sure you understand the material.

Exam Dates for 2021

Here are the VCAA 2020 Year 12 exam dates for Victorian schools for the GAT, English and Maths.

Most students who come to me for tutoring are making simple mistakes in the way they do Maths that are making it harder for them to learn and understand. Once they make changes and create new habits thus avoiding making these mistakes, Methods starts to become easier for them to do.

If you can remember formulas then it will save you a lot of time in test situations. You won’t have to go to your bound book to find them because you’ll already know them.