Frankston Maths tutor

Hi, it’s Michael here.

I teach and tutor students in VCE Maths Methods. I’m a fully qualified secondary school teacher and started teaching at Eltham High School. In the seven years I was at Eltham H.S. I taught Maths to students from year 7 up to year 12.


Now (since 1999) I tutor high school students from the Mornington Peninsula and surrounding suburbs who need help with their school Maths.

Most of these students either have a history of struggling with Maths or have reached a point where the Maths is just getting too hard for them to understand and are getting frustrated because they don’t get it.

Some of them (year 7 to 10 students) work through my Back to Basics program and learn the basic skills that they need to get back on track with their school Maths.

The other students I tutor are VCE Maths Methods and Further Maths students. Most of them are motivated to do well in Maths and need help with the harder questions they’re getting stuck on.

I help these students by explaining how to solve these questions in a way that they understand. I also guide them towards their tests, SAC’s and exams by letting them know exactly what they need to be doing so they can get the results they want.

My Knowledge and Experience

I’ve done most of the questions in CAS Essential Maths Methods, several Further Maths and Heinman Specialist Maths textbooks.

I’ve also done most of the Further Maths, all of the Methods and Specialist VCAA exams since the year 2000. So I’m familiar with the types of questions my students are doing and need help with.

I’ve helped more than 350 students over the years to turn their Maths around and become more confident about doing Maths. Many of them have come from failing Maths to successfully completing year 12 Maths.

My way of explaining Maths makes it easy to understand and the students who are motivated and do the things I suggest get the results they and their parents want.

I’ve helped many students succeed in Maths and I can help you too.

Michael Wion
Maths Tutor