Want to Get Better Marks in your SAC’s and Exams?

You’ve come to the right place, I’ve tutored over 150 Year 12 Math Methods students how to maximise their results in SAC’s and in their final exams. Are you next?

If you really want to get into a course or Uni then first of all you need to:

  • Be super organised with your book-work.
  • Always show your steps.
  • Get homework done as soon as possible.
  • Get help when you need it.
  • Make sure you have time off when you need it.
  • And last of all…

…the skill that’s going to help you get the higher marks you want is getting better at solving past exam questionssooner rather than later.

Practicing Exam Questions Will Give You Confidence

Doing past exams is the real deal. Think about it. You’ll be trying questions that past students actually had in their exams. Questions that will be similar to the ones you’ll get in your exams.

  • Practicing exam questions will give you a deeper understanding and better skills to solve the harder multi-concept questions, something that textbook questions won’t give you.
  • You’ll gain a better understanding of the type of questions asked in SAC’s and exams.
  • Your Math skills and recognition of correct processes needed to solve harder questions will improve.
  • Your overall skills and understanding will improve, as just doing textbook questions really only give you a baseline understanding of the content.
  • You’ll get used to doing harder and more complex questions and this will further your understanding of Maths as a whole.

As you improve your skills in these areas you’ll feel more confident because… you can solve exam type questions.

And the more you solve the better you’re going to get at solving them and you’ll be more confident when going into your SAC’s and final exams.

The #1 Mistake Students Make With Past Exam Questions

They don’t do enough of them on a regular basis. Most students say they don’t have the time to do them because of other homework commitments.

Is that you? Or:

  • Are you waiting until it’s closer to the end of term 3 to get started on them – doing this won’t give you enough time to consolidate your understanding of how to solve the different types of exam questions.
  • Did you know that once you get started doing past exam questions you’ll find that the harder text-book questions become easier to do because your Math skills and knowledge are at a higher level.
  • Did you know that doing past exam questions will accelerate your learning to a higher level of understanding and skills – by not doing past exams on a regular basis you’re delaying this accelerated learning.
  • Do you realise that the sooner you start doing past exam questions the sooner you’re going to get better at doing them and you’ll be able to get more of them done over time – this will give you an extensive knowledge bank of questions you know how to solve.
  • Did you know that by trying to get ahead of the class-work text-book questions instead of using that extra time to do some past exam questions on a regular daily basis – you’ll also be delaying the accelerated learning you would otherwise get from doing the past exam questions?

Don’t wait until the end of term 3 and end up struggling to get through enough past exam questions before the day of the first exams.

Get started today and go into your first SAC’s with confidence.