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Free step-by-step video solutions that will help you master past exam questions one topic at a time, so you can go into your exams with confidence and get better marks

Are you only studying textbook questions for your SAC’s?…If you are then you’re making a mistake.

SAC questions and the questions you’ll see in this year’s final Math Methods exams will NOT be like textbook questions. They’ll be harder and will require a higher level of understanding and thinking which you can only get by practicing past exam questions.

Although some of the textbook questions are hard to solve they still don’t take you to that higher level that you need to do SAC’s and the final exams. So it’s a big mistake to not be practicing past exam questions on a regular basis from the start of the year.

Transform Your Understanding, Confidence And Results

Practicing past VCAA exam questions will take your understanding of Math Methods to a higher level.

  • This will make the harder SAC questions easier to do. And sometimes the SAC questions are based on past exam questions.
  • In a short time you’ll also become very familiar with VCAA exam type questions.
  • You won’t be anxious when your teacher gives you practice SAC’s.
  • By doing exam questions regularly you’ll get better at them sooner – and that will have a major positive impact on your confidence, and on your SAC and final exam results.
  • You won’t get phased in your final exam, it’s just going to be another exam to do because you’ll be so used to doing the past exam questions from all the practice you’ve done.

If you don’t start practicing exam questions on a regular basis earlier rather than later, Methods will just become harder.

The sooner you start, and the more exam questions you practice, the better you’ll get. The longer you take to get started on them, the less time you’ll have to get good at them.

Here’s What I Recommend You Do

Try the 7 day free trial. Practice 4 questions a day that are related to the topics you’re currently studying and see if it makes a difference.

Master Past Exam Questions and Go Into Your SAC’s & Exams with Confidence

Test drive past VCAA Maths Methods exam questions with a FREE 7 day trial. If you get stuck on a question watch the step by step video solution.

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  • Complete solutions to the 2013 to 2019 exams.
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