How To Get Better Marks In Your Math Methods Exams

The best way to make sure you get the marks you want for Math Methods is to practice past exam questions – on a regular basis. If you start doing this at the beginning of the year you’ll be steadily getting better at doing them.

You’ll be good at doing them by the time you get to the exams and you’ll also be comfortable about doing them.

Even if you struggle with textbook questions and have lost hope of doing well in Methods you can still get the results you want. With the right help you can improve at doing textbook questions and then build on them by doing past exam questions.

Are You Making This Mistake?

Are you studying for your SAC’s by focusing mainly on textbook questions? If you are then you need to start practicing some past exam questions relevant to the topics you’re doing.

This will give you a higher level of understanding in those topics that will make the harder SAC questions easier to do. And sometimes the SAC questions are based on past exam questions. So that’s another good reason for practicing questions from past papers.

SAC questions and the questions you’ll see in this year’s final Math Methods exam will NOT be like textbook questions. They’ll be harder and will require a higher level of thinking which you can only get by practicing past exam questions.

Although some of the textbook questions are hard to solve they still don’t take you to that higher level that you need to do SAC’s and the final exams. So it’s a big mistake to not be practicing past exam questions on a regular basis.

The most effective way for you to achieve better results in your SAC’s and Math Methods exam is to start practicing past VCAA exam questions and you need to start now.

Here’s What I Recommend To My Students

As you work through each topic, practice a few questions every day that you have Methods, from past VCAA exam papers that are related to the topic that you’re currently doing.

Don’t move on to the next topic unless you can confidently answer all the exam questions in each topic. Repeat this process for each topic. Remember you’re being ranked on how well you do EXAM type questions – not textbook questions. This is the real secret and study technique of high achievers.